The Newest on Miles Morales and Peter Parker

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Miles Morales is available for Sony’s PS4 and PS5, and there are some notable differences between the two releases. On November 12, Sony released Spider-Man: The Newest on Miles Morales and Peter Parker alongside the PS5, opening the door to a new generation of video game experiences. Although Spider-Man: Miles Morales is marketed as a next-generation experience, it is also available for the PS4.
With the launch of the PS5, gamers have access to technological improvements that were not possible on the previous generation of consoles. Graphics, performance and better detail are just some of the major improvements. Spider-Man: Miles Morales is also available for the PS4, but there are some important differences that show why the PS5 version of the game is the definitive experience.

The Newest on Miles Morales and Peter Parker
The Newest on Miles Morales and Peter Parker

Spider-Man Miles Morales remains the flagship game for the PS5. It is the best-selling game on the system and offers the first glimpse of the new generation of games. It makes excellent use of the PS5 hardware, which can be seen in the incredible graphics, fantastic framerate, and even the use of the PS5’s Dualsense controller. A few other differences between the game on both platforms.

Graphics Fidelity Mode on the PS5

If you opt for Graphical Fidelity mode in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the game will run in native 4k quality while maintaining a solid 30 frames per second. Fidelity mode prioritizes the visual experience for the player, ensuring that the game looks its best at all times.

This mode is exclusive to the PS5 version of the game and shows off the impressive quality the PS5 is capable of, especially for an open-world game. Those who own the PS4 version won’t have the opportunity to play with these enhanced graphics.

The Newest on Miles Morales and Peter Parker
The Newest on Miles Morales and Peter Parker

Frame rate on PlayStation 5

The maximum performance of the PS4 version of the game is 30 frames per second without the graphical improvements of the PS5 version. Even in Graphical Fidelity mode, a mode that focuses on improved graphics, Spider-Man: Miles Morales runs at 30 frames per second on the PS5.

In Performance mode, players will notice that the PS5 game runs at 60 frames per second throughout. While the PS4 version of the game occasionally drops frames at 30 FPS, the PS5 version is able to maintain double the frame rate for most of the game. RT rendering mode is also available and offers 60 frames per second as well as some degree of ray tracing, although the resolution is reduced for this.

Ray tracing

As with Spider-Man Remastered on the PSP5, Ray tracing was a major issue when upgrading to a more powerful console generation. Lighting is much brighter and more detailed in Spider-Man Remastered and Spider-Man Miles Morales on PS5, and ray tracing is seen for the first time on consoles.

The reflections are realistic and the light refraction is the most realistic ever seen on a console. The PS4 version of the game cannot reproduce the effects of ray tracing, even on the most powerful version, the PS4 Pro. The feature is unique to PS5, and although it’s not present in the game’s performance mode, it’s worth a look, if only to gawk for a few moments before getting back to the action.

Drastically reduced loading times on PS5.

With the PS5 version of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, players will be able to dive into the story of Miles Morales and Peter Parker much faster. Load times on the PS4 can be up to ten times longer, even when just switching missions or going to new areas.
Loading the game on the PS5 only takes a few seconds, even if the player loads the game from a completely powered down system. Spider-Man: Miles Morales is able to load both Performance Mode and Graphic Fidelity Mode at this increased speed. Fast travel is also instantaneous: you can get from one side of the map to the other in seconds.

The Newest on Miles Morales and Peter Parker
The Newest on Miles Morales and Peter Parker

Graphic details

Objects, weather effects, and all characters retain their details from a greater distance. Peter Parker and Miles Morales will be able to see dents in armor, light bouncing off metallic objects, and snow falling as they hang from buildings in New York City. The city is also more populated, and there’s not much of a drop at any point; even in the busiest sequences, Times Square looks as busy as it does in real life.

On the PS5, Miles’ powers and abilities like Venom Blast and Venom Punch light up the screen when used. The clothing, costumes, and armor also have a better glaze. Clothing is also more vibrant and refined, and the individual strands of Miles’ fur hood rustle in the winter wind as he walks down the street.

Improved HDR support

Thanks to improved HDR support, the PS5 has access to a wider range of colors and hues. Its predecessors, the original PS4 and PS4 Slim, did not support High Dynamic Range settings. The PS4 Pro can take advantage of some HDR features available with Spider-Man Miles Morales, but the range is less than the PS5.

Those who purchase the PS5 version of the game will notice a more vivid image during gameplay. So take a closer look at some of Miles’ costumes to see how good the HDR support is in the game.

Haptic feedback

Haptic feedback (the use of touch to communicate with the user) is present in Miles Morales on the PS5, especially when Miles uses his poison attacks. When he charges an explosion, you’ll feel a vibration on the left side of the controller that shifts to the right side after the attack is released.

The feature is also implemented when Miles is in stealth mode, as well as during combat, and players can use the feedback to indicate the direction of incoming attacks.

The Newest on Miles Morales and Peter Parker
The Newest on Miles Morales and Peter Parker

Adaptive triggers

Adaptive triggers are used rather subtly in Miles Morales, but they are definitely present, most noticeably when swinging in the web. Each time he reaches the end of a swing, he feels some tension on the trigger before it loosens as he uses a new lane.

It’s easy to miss, but once you feel it, you won’t be able to forget it. Both the triggers and the haptic feedback have been further improved when you enable the vibration accessibility, vibration intensity, and trigger customization options in the game’s accessibility menu.

Ultimate Edition

The PS5 version of Miles Morales has an exclusive edition that includes a copy of the original Spider-Man game remastered for PS5. The remastered version includes numerous improvements and is a must-have if you haven’t played it yet.
It also includes all three DLCs and is worth replaying if you’ve already completed the original on PS4. It also has the infamous new face of Peter Parker.

The photo mode in Miles Morales has many new features, including light sources, costume swaps and a variety of new stickers and filters that you can use to create the perfect photo.
You can even adjust the natural light in the photo and turn off enemies or weather effects. It’s the most customizable photo mode we’ve seen on the PS5, and it can create incredible images if you put the time into it.

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