Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons is an action-adventure role-playing game developed by Mojang Studios, Xbox Game Studios and Double Eleven.
It was released on 26 May 2020 for Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Mazmorras de Minecraft

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The game features specific quests and locations as well as procedurally generated elements. Players are not limited to one class, but can pick up and use other armour or weapons. Players do not build or mine as the focus of the game is action/adventure. The game takes place both above and below ground. Players can replay levels they have already completed. There is a “main world” camp that takes place in part of the tutorial level, the Squid Coast. Shops can be unlocked in “hidden rooms”. Levels are procedurally generated, and Mojang has considered using world seeds.
Players will be able to choose their avatar from a variety of included skins, with more to come as paid DLC. Character creator skins and skins purchased in Minecraft Vanilla cannot be used in dungeons.

The character Dungeons

The character is the person the user controls in the game. When creating a character, the user can choose a cosmetic skin to use throughout the game. All skins are identical and offer no special abilities.

When a character is created, all loot, levels and progress remain exclusively on that character and are not transferred to other user-created characters. If you started the game with one character but want another character with different loot, you can duplicate a character with the same loot you had.

Minecraft Dungeons


When the player starts the game with a new character, they begin at the Squid Coast. Then they move on to other locations, such as the Creeping Forest, until they reach the final level of the game, the Obsidian Pinnacle. Sometimes a location leads to a room that allows access to a secret location, such as the Ghost Crypt, the Lower Temple, the Damp Cave or the Ore Escape. Other levels can be accessed by completing normal levels, such as the Pumpkin Willows, the Red Stone Mines, Cactus Gulch and the High Block Rooms. Most of the locations and the main action take place on the mainland. Some locations are only available through DLC packs, including the Awakening Jungle, Terrible Winter and the Howling Heights.


Weapons are tools used to damage entities with melee or ranged attacks. They can be enchanted to increase their effectiveness.
Armour protects the player from damage and gives them extra health. It can be enchanted to increase its effectiveness.
Artifacts are items that allow the player to gain a significant power advantage, damage enemies, heal allies, etc.Minecraft Dungeons
Consumables are non-equipable items that drop randomly during the game to restore health and ammunition and give the user temporary positive status effects.
Cosmetics include pets and capes that do not provide any functional benefit to the player. Available through the purchase of DLC packs.
Players can gift weapons, armour and artefacts to other players by interacting with the gift wrap.


There are different types of enchantments in Minecraft Dungeons. Enchantments are divided into three main classes: Melee Weapons, Ranged Weapons and Armour. Each of the three classes has unique enchantments that change the way each item interacts with your party. Enchantments for armour, melee weapons and ranged weapons require enchantment points, which can be earned by leveling up. Some enchantments can give creatures certain status effects, which can be positive or negative.


Creatures in Minecraft dungeons are usually hostile and will try to kill the player. The only exceptions are the pig, key golem, sheep, ocelot, panda, rabbit, training doll and player summoned creatures. There are also only two neutral creatures that only attack if the player attacks them first, namely the polar bear and the goat.
The player faces three types of enemies in the game: creatures, mini-bosses and bosses. By killing these enemies, the player gains experience and usually receives emeralds, consumables and items. Enemies are also used to complete locations.


Minecraft Dungeons takes place in the same universe as Minecraft. Unlike Minecraft, which is a sandbox, the game features a linear campaign based on a story and short scenes. The introductory scene tells the story of a homeless rogue named Archie who is shunned by everyone he meets. One day he came across a powerful artefact, the “Orb of Dominance”, which gave him great powers but also corrupted him. The power-hungry “Archimaldean” seeks revenge on all those who have wronged him and soon subjugates the world with his entire armada, laying waste to villages, forcing the inhabitants to work for him and leaving only the dead behind. It is now time for the player to fight against the tyranny of the Archdemon and become a hero to defeat him and save the world.

Minecraft Dungeons
The player explores different locations to stop him, fight his armada and complete quests to advance to the next level. Finally, he confronts the Archmaldaean in his castle, defeats him and breaks the Orb of Dominance, freeing Archie from his influence. In the end, they are kind to Archie, who surprises him, and together they celebrate the fact that evil has been defeated and the world saved, even though the Orb is later shown rebuilding itself.
All of the Season Pass DLCs come to Minecraft Dungeons.
The Jungle Awakens DLC continues the story, with one of the shards spawning the Jungle Abomination and many other monsters from the jungle flora. The player’s task is to destroy the shard and free the jungle.

The Creepy Winter DLC continues the storyline with another shard of the orb corrupting a wraith and shrouding the island in eternal winter. The player destroys the shard and ends winter on this island.

The Howling Heights DLC continues the story with another shard that lands on the top of a mountain and corrupts a local wraith golem. The player climbs the mountain and defeats the storm golem

There are three other as yet unnamed DLCs, set in the Nether, the Ocean and the End respectively.

The game was announced at MINECON Earth 2018. It appears to be a visually enhanced version of Minecraft, but with different gameplay. The game is inspired by classic dungeon crawlers. On 17 September 2019, Double Eleven announced that it will support Mojang Studios and Xbox Game Studios in development, including multiplayer and console versions.

The Rise of the Ore Island

Minecraft Dungeons: The Rise of the Ore Island

Minecraft Dungeons: The Rise of the Arch-Illager is a novel about the origins of the Arch-Illager, written by American author Matt Forbeck. It was published by Del Rey Books on 7 July 2020 in North America and 9 July 2020 in the UK. It was published as a hardback book, an e-book and an audiobook, all available on the same day.


The first guide to Minecraft Dungeons was published on 26 May 2020 under the title Guide to Minecraft Dungeons: A Hero’s Guide. On 7 July 2020, a backstory on the origins of the Arch-Illager was published under the title Minecraft Dungeons: The Rise of the Arch-Illager. It was released as a hardcover, an e-book and an audiobook, all available for purchase on the same day.

LEGO Minecraft

Minecraft Dungeons also has its own LEGO set called “21163 The Redstone Battle”, which includes the four main heroes Valorie, Hex, Hal and Hedwig, as well as the Redstone Monstrosity and the Redstone Golem and a Piggy Piggy.


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