Get your favorite Super Mario characters in one set!


Collect all your favorite characters from the Super Mario universe with
this 48-piece action figure set. Perfect for fans of all ages!


Unlock a world of fun and adventure with this amazing 48-piece Super
Mario action figure set from LERECA! Whether you’re a lifelong fan or
new to the game, you’ll love the highly detailed figures of Mario,
Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, and all your other favorite characters.
This set also includes villains like Bowser, Goomba, and Koopa Troopa,
as well as iconic items like the mushroom, star, and coin block. With so
many figures to choose from, you can recreate your favorite scenes from
the games or invent your own epic adventures. Each figure is made of
high-quality materials and features intricate details, making them
perfect for collectors, gamers, or anyone who loves Super Mario. Don’t
miss out on this must-have set – order now and bring the magic of Super
Mario to life!