3 Pack Action Figure Stand – Perfect Display Holders for Gundam 1/144 Toys!


Enhance your action figure collection with this 3 pack of transparent assembly stands! Designed specifically for 6″ HG/RG/SD Gundam 1/144 toys, these display holders provide the ultimate support and stability.


Elevate the presentation of your favorite action figures with this set of 3 transparent assembly stands. Crafted with precision, these stands are compatible with 6″ HG/RG/SD Gundam 1/144 toys, ensuring a perfect fit for your collection.Each stand features a sturdy base and adjustable arm, allowing you to pose your action figures in various dynamic positions. The transparent design seamlessly blends into any display, creating a captivating visual effect that showcases the intricate details of your prized toys.With easy assembly and a secure fit, these stands offer a reliable solution to keep your action figures upright and prevent them from toppling over. The set also includes a convenient screwdriver, making it effortless to set up and adjust the stands to your desired height and angle.Whether you’re a passionate collector, a dedicated enthusiast, or simply want to exhibit your action figures in style, these stands are a must-have accessory. Showcase your Gundam 1/144 toys proudly and bring your collection to life with these sturdy and versatile stands.